Assignment: Explorer

Contest FAQ

I’d like to include interviews in my submission. May I feature other people in my video?

No, unfortunately. We’d like to keep the contest focused on you and your unique POV. Your submission should be limited to your own voice and likeness. Feel free to interview yourself, however!

What if I use a stage name professionally? Am I required to use my legal name to enter the contest?

You are free to use your stage name in your submission, as long as you state in your submission that the name you’re using is an alias. Alternately, you may add your legal name in parentheses in the submission form.

I’d prefer not to share some of the information requested in the submission form. Will I still be able to enter the contest?

Some of the information in the submit form is required by law in order to enter the contest. If these fields aren’t completed, your submission will not be processed. However, none of your information will be shared with a third party for any reason. We want you to have a positive experience participating in Assignment: Explorer - protecting your privacy is a priority for us.

May I enter more than one submission?

You may enter as many times as you like, though we recommend creating a single submission that you feel best represents your on-camera skills and point of view.

How will my submission be judged?

You’ll be judged on four basic criteria: on-camera performance, storytelling capability, production quality, and uniqueness. Each of these criteria carry equal weight.

Will my video submission automatically be posted to the Assignment: Explorer website?

No submission is posted to the site automatically. All videos will be reviewed based on the criteria above. The submissions with the highest scores from our judges will be posted on the Assignment: Explorer website and be eligible to be a Finalist. Finalists will be chosen using the same criteria after submissions phase ends on December 20th, 2016.

How will I know if I’ve been chosen to be one of the three Finalists?

Once the three Finalists have been chosen, you’ll be notified via the National Geographic team via the contact information you submit with your video entry. Your submission will also be called out as a Finalist on the Assignment: Explorer website.

How old do I have to be to enter Assignment: Explorer?

You must be 21 to enter the contest, no exceptions.

I live outside the United States. May I participate in Assignment: Explorer?

As much as we’d like the contest to be a world-wide opportunity, this inaugural version of Assignment: Explorer is limited to residents of all 50 United States and DC.

I have a question or problem that isn’t covered in this FAQ or in the contest rules. What should I do?

Please email us with your question at: